A Fairly (in)Formal Affair

**September 6**


Sarah and Al’s wedding this past weekend was very exciting. Can you tell?


Taking a quick break from the positive

I was in my friends’, Beth and Chad’s, wedding a couple of years ago. I had a blast. It felt great to be included and I had a wonderful time at the bachelorette party, trying on bridesmaid dresses, getting our hair done, posing for the photos, and definitely at the reception. The night of the reception I just happened to be talking to Beth’s mom and went on and on about what a great time I was having. She became very serious and told me I had to tell Beth.

I hadn’t even realized it, but apparently Beth was really stressed out ’cause she had been dealing with all of the piddly little complaints from everyone about every tiny little thing. Some of the bridesmaids were even complaining because they didn’t realize they had to pay for their own dresses. Granted, they were over $100 for something we probably wouldn’t wear again, but c’mon people, this is her wedding! First of all, it’s a fraction of what she or her family is paying overall for you to have great time and it’s an honor for you to have been selected, this means you are one of her closest friends…act like it!

Of course, I marched up to Beth right away and went on and on about what a great time I was having. She was so grateful and relieved.

I didn’t really get it at the time, but it makes so much sense now. I ignorantly thought that people would do whatever they could to help you out and make sure you were happy this one time in your life that’s supposed to be so special. It’s the one time other people around you completely cast off all selfishness and do their best to be there for you, right? I mean, I’d hope that those close to me would be there for me at other times too, but I always imagined weddings as the mass support from everyone, even those you’re really not that close to.

The punchline? Beth and Chad haven’t been returning my calls. I can only assume they’re not coming at this point as I haven’t even been able to send them an invite ’cause they won’t call back and give me their address.

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