Grandma Got Bank

Clearly I have been off the blogging track for the past week or so. The only explanation is that I’ve been busy with other things. Isn’t that weak? Well, to give myself a bit of a motivational boost I’m lowering my goal from posting every weekday to three times per week. That seems reasonable doesn’t it?

The photo posts are pretty quick to present, once the shot has been taken, edited, and uploaded, but it has also been requested that I write more like I used to or at least diversify my posts. I can’t argue with that and in fact, had been thinking the same thing myself.

For now, enjoy these photos of my grandma with a handful of one dollar bills. That ought to tide you over until I get some writing time. Just ask yourself, what was grandma doing with all those singles?




It’s Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

September 13


I planned this post in honor of what was supposed to be another rainy day, although it does not appear to be raining at the moment. It was a beautiful day that Dave and I took advantage of as we walked to downtown Mountain View for some gelato and to inquire about flu shots at the pharmacy. Sitting on the patio outside the gelato place after searching in vain for some shade, I remarked to Dave, “I feel like I’m on vacation here.”

I have to admit that, although we do need the rain, it is so very nice without it most of the time. Like, when one is in the mood for a walk or just simply needs to run an errand within walking distance and realizes, “pshaw, what the hell do I need a car for?”.

Despite another gorgeous day here, I once again post a photo from a rainy Minnesota day. The photo features the photographer who shot my cousin Rachel’s wedding, the bouquet, program, and I think even their rings. The light from the large looming window beside her and the rain drizzling down the glass made for a more emotional feel. Of course, I took a handful of shots to finally get this one, as is always the case.

Keeping the Action in the Game

**September 13**


Because it’s finally raining today (the first time in months, literally) and because this photo was taken while it was raining during my recent trip to MN, I give you a photo from a drizzly Midwest summer soccer game. More specifically, it’s from my niece’s soccer game. No, that’s not my niece. In fact, this is someone from the opposing team. Yup, I took a photo of some random kid. Awesome throw-in random kid!

Jellyfish in 3D

**August 15**


Finally, here are more photos of jellyfish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium from our recent trip there with my family. I find this one fascinating because if you look at it just the right way (relax your eyes like you’re looking at one of those Magic Eye posters) it appears 3D. Yeah, that was an accident, but pretty awesome isn’t it?


And just because I know you love to examine their gooey jellyness that makes you wanna reach out and squish them between your fingers like a stress ball or bread dough, here’s a closeup! Watch out for those stingers!

Red Velvet Jellyfish Cake

August 15


What is there to say about a beautiful red jellyfish floating in a solid blue background? That I want to take a big bite out of it’s cushy muffin-like surface? Ouch.

I didn’t realize how awesome these things are until catching the exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium while my parents and niece were in town for a visit. I just wish they didn’t have such a potential to hurt me. I mean, seriously, we learned that there are a couple specific breeds of jellyfish that can kill a person in minutes…or seconds…well, some frighteningly small amount of time.

I made Dave promise he’d pee on me if I got stung by one.

Goodbye Precious Toilets. You Have Served Me Well.


The time has come to bid a reluctant goodbye to more than one loyal toilet that has been with me for nearly five years. The years of servitude were spent very differently between the two: one spent day and night throughout the changing seasons holding various ornaments of beauty in stark contrast with its original purpose while the other continued in its modest role as a vessel of expulsion. Continue reading