A Burning Question


Esmeralda gazed up at the noonday sun wondering whether it truly could burn a cosmic hole in her retina.

“What is a retina? Where exactly is it and what does it look like?” She thought.

While contemplating the little black disc surrounded by luminescent iris and pondering the origin of the word “hazel”, a minuscule shadow descended with increasing hostility.

“What the—“  Continue reading


Lost in The Turn of the Screw

Turn of the screw

**Caution: may contain Lost spoilers**

Is it possible that Lost is just a ghost story? I know I don’t normally write about TV, but this post is actually about fiction! It doesn’t take much for me to have an excuse to read and I love references. References that tie things together. My stomach jumps around all juicy-like when I read about a book in another book or see a character carrying around a particular book in a movie. I figure if I can see or hear the title of the book, it must bear some importance to the plot, theme or be symbolic.

In season two of Lost, the orientation video for the Swan station is located behind The Turn of the Screw, a novella by Henry James. Therefore, it must be significant! Continue reading

Freeform Fiction: Bunny and Kitty

Kitty & Bunny

As I mentioned in my last post about meditative writing, I often do writing exercises to get myself started. Following is a bit of freeform writing I did months ago that is unlike what I normally write, but it is interesting for me to read something that is in a voice so unlike me and a style that I hadn’t consciously thought to try. I’ve edited it slightly for clarity, but it is mostly a raw piece straight out of my silly brain.

Sleepy Kitty looks at Bunny with drowsy eyes refusing to lift his chin. She stops a couple feet in front of him and eyes him sideways, suddenly popping into the air she shifts directions in an instant and is off running full tilt away from Kitty, but she stops just as suddenly halfway down the hallway when she realizes he hasn’t taken up the chase. Kitty is bored with this game and needs a nap. Likewise, Bunny is bored with Kitty. What fun is it to sleep all day? Bunny hardly ever sleeps. All her energy comes quickly from eating and eating more and more still and pooping out pellets like a conveyer belt from her mouth to the rear. Continue reading