Freeform Fiction: Bunny and Kitty

Kitty & Bunny

As I mentioned in my last post about meditative writing, I often do writing exercises to get myself started. Following is a bit of freeform writing I did months ago that is unlike what I normally write, but it is interesting for me to read something that is in a voice so unlike me and a style that I hadn’t consciously thought to try. I’ve edited it slightly for clarity, but it is mostly a raw piece straight out of my silly brain.

Sleepy Kitty looks at Bunny with drowsy eyes refusing to lift his chin. She stops a couple feet in front of him and eyes him sideways, suddenly popping into the air she shifts directions in an instant and is off running full tilt away from Kitty, but she stops just as suddenly halfway down the hallway when she realizes he hasn’t taken up the chase. Kitty is bored with this game and needs a nap. Likewise, Bunny is bored with Kitty. What fun is it to sleep all day? Bunny hardly ever sleeps. All her energy comes quickly from eating and eating more and more still and pooping out pellets like a conveyer belt from her mouth to the rear.

Then comes the beautiful music again and Bunny sits up, twitching her ear in the direction of the beautiful voice in order to hear better. Bunny is moved by the beautiful music, but Bunny can shed no tears. Instead, she listens, attentive, staring out, like there is no Bunny and Bunny is only a statue. But Bunny is not a statue. Bunny has feelings, but Bunny cannot communicate Bunny feelings about music to human lady who looks at her and thinks she is frightened because she is so still. “It’s alright, Bunny.” Lady calms her with her voice, but the voice covers the beautiful music, destroys it.

Bunny loses touch with music in the air and must move away to squelch her disappointment. She hops out of the room as human lady smiles to herself. “That’s right Bunny. You’re alright. Mommy’s here.” Once more Bunny is leaving and saved by human lady. Not really. Lady does nothing.

Where is Kitty? Why won’t Kitty play with Bunny? Night nears and Bunny knows Kitty wakes up to lurk at night. When she first moved in Kitty spent the entire first night outside her cage to make her feel welcome. It was so nice of him to keep her company in a new place while the human people slept and she was so far away from her Bunny friends. Kitty even jumped on top of her cage to try to get in and keep her company, but too bad humans locked it before they slept and Kitty couldn’t get in. Then human lady woke and made Kitty get down. Bunny was not sure why Kitty was not let in by human lady and tried to tell lady she was confused, but lady was sleepy and it was dark so she must not have understood.

Next morning was so much fun because Kitty spent hours playing with Bunny! Every time Bunny would run Kitty would chase along behind. A rambunctious game of chase and Bunny was always the winner! Kitty could never catch her, especially when she would stop and Kitty would go jumping over her head. Kitty clearly could not stop as quickly as Bunny and Bunny maneuvered and turned better than Kitty too. What fun they had!

When Bunny was ready for a rest she lounged under a chair with a piece of hay and Kitty settled in above her to watch over her while she rested. Nice Kitty then leaned over and bonked her nose with his paw, just the way another Bunny would say hi. Of course, they would use their nose, but this was close enough for Bunny. After all, one had to be patient with kitties–they were strange creatures!


2 thoughts on “Freeform Fiction: Bunny and Kitty

  1. Nice — I like the limited third person (bunny?) pov — I think you did well creating a believable and not entirely anthropomorphic animal character.

  2. Thanks Rebecca! When I re-read it it sounded like a children’s book to me, which I have wondered if I could write, but never really thought about too seriously. It’s funny that that’s what just came out of my head.

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