Mind the Sign!


Often by the time I turn off the light and settle into sleep, it has already been quite a while since Dave dozed off. I have always been a night owl, although I am asleep by midnight fairly consistently these days. Not exactly early, I know, but a huge change from when I used to greet the sun before giving in to sleep.

Wednesday, Dave was out before I even had a chance to get into bed. As I slipped my feet under the covers he replied with, “nope”. I naturally asked what that was about.

He answered, “it didn’t do shit”.

“Uh, what didn’t, Dave?”

“The sign.”

At that point I tried to get more out of him, curious what he was dreaming about, but I could tell he was starting to wake just enough to be confused about what he had been talking about and why I was asking him questions late at night.

I’d love to know what he dreams about, but he very rarely remembers them. I, on the other hand, almost always remember at least one or two each night. Maybe that’s why he seems to sleep better than I do. I’m a little too aware while I’m sleeping.

There isn’t much of a point to my post today so I will claim that it’s Friday and it’s fun to share a funny story. Do you have any silly sleep-walking or sleep-talking stories? Or rather, any that are ok to share? đŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Mind the Sign!

  1. Tim sleep-gestures sometimes – he did some proving-a-point sort of gesture once and nearly hit me in the face.

    Also he once shouted “I’ll be the judge of that!” in his sleep.

  2. LOL! I can definitely picture Tim doing “proving-a-point” gestures. I once elbowed Dave right smack on the head, but I can’t remember why.

  3. aww katie/dave cuddles! zzzzz

    I have no such stories to tell, but there was one time I was watching TV with my mom and my brother, looking very tired, came into the room and mumbled something of which I couldn’t understand a word. My mom answered “Twenty.” To this day I have no idea what his question was.

  4. chad yelled, “holy shit!” in his dream, only it came out as very garbled. i had no idea what he said since i was awake, but the yelling actually woke him up from the dream (in which he was being chased by an alien w/a broken bottle).
    and, of course, the peeing on the slippers story…

    my roommate claims i was “driving” in my sleep when she came into the room one night. i was lying flat on my back w/my arms lifted straight up toward the ceiling.

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