Momstinct: The Art of Trusting Yourself


One of the benefits of being a new parent is learning to trust my momstinct. No, I haven’t developed a new smell after becoming a mom (at least, if I have, no one has told me so). That’s what I call my mommy instinct. It’s amazing how dead on it can be.

Back when Siddhartha was almost seven months old, he got sick for the first time. As is often the case, it started in the middle of the night. Continue reading


Mind the Sign!


Often by the time I turn off the light and settle into sleep, it has already been quite a while since Dave dozed off. I have always been a night owl, although I am asleep by midnight fairly consistently these days. Not exactly early, I know, but a huge change from when I used to greet the sun before giving in to sleep.

Wednesday, Dave was out before I even had a chance to get into bed. As I slipped my feet under the covers he replied with, “nope”. I naturally asked what that was about. Continue reading