Why is it so Hard to Hit “Publish”?

2015-07-08 19.45.54
This is how it feels to have so much in your head that you can’t get out.

Why is it easier for me to post on social media than post on a blog? I have an easier time starting a Facebook post and then deciding after it’s mostly written that it is more appropriate on my blog. Once I’ve decided it’s going on the blog, I hit a wall. What’s the deal? Continue reading


What is There to Discuss About ADHD?


Writing about ADHD is an exercise in self-awareness. To analyze my own behavior is to realize that I’m not getting started because I have too many thoughts swimming around in my head and I don’t know which one to choose. It’s so meta to blog about how the ADHD is affecting your blogging about ADHD. Just in the span of one or two minutes sitting here staring at a blinking curser I’ve thought about: Continue reading

Delivered from Distraction is … Look! Something Shiny!

Here lies Delivered from Distraction, unread on my lap while I use my phone.

I was sitting on my patio attempting to read Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most Out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder. I got about 1-2 sentences in when an idea for a book topic hit me. I picked up my phone and start tapping away on that tiny keyboard.

I paused for a moment of self-reflection and thought of how funny it would be if the authors came upon me right now, book in my lap, phone in my hand, mind most obviously not on what I originally intended. I wanted to take a selfie and post it with a funny tag line, but I had just woken up and was not inclined to share my bed-head.

So I’m posting this pic instead. Here’s my marketing suggestion for the next printing of Delivered From Distraction…

“Over one million copies sold! Nearly two thousand copies read!”

I’m cracking myself up over here. Dorky, easily-amused and loving myself this morning.

(For the record, I’ve finished reading the preface!!)