A Mantra to Kickstart the Writing


Sometimes looking back on my free-writing cracks me up. Looking through an old document I thought I’d never open again, I noticed the following. Apparently, I decided to come up with a mantra to get me started on those days when anxiety has me frozen and distracted. Y’know, like every day. Now, after it’s been buried for who knows how long, I like it. Continue reading


A Tip for Writing Emotional Scenes

I struggle with writing emotional scenes. In part because I have a hard time admitting that I feel any sort of vulnerable emotion myself and writing about it feels like an admission of that fact. But mostly because I have a tendency to give too many details which leads to telling rather than showing. For example, I might write a scene like: Continue reading

The Key to Being a Happy Mom? Don’t Sugar-Coat It

A Gaggle of Babies

Last week my playgroup had a playdate with a discussion about juggling and self-care. I wasn’t able to attend because I was juggling an appointment with my therapist into my schedule so I could do some self-care. The plan was to read an article about balance before the playdate in order to fuel the discussion.

I wanted to participate in the talk despite being unable to attend so I wrote an email with some of my thoughts. Well, it ended up more like a blog post. I share it here with minimal edits: Continue reading