The Return of the Blog


I’ve been trying a couple new things with my writing. I’ve shifted from short stories over to working on a full novel. I was making some progress, but then decided that I needed to work on the quality, trashed most of it and started over. Now I’ve got a few good chapters, but it’s moving forward at a snail’s pace for various reasons:


  1. Baby. Writing with a six-month-old in the house? Piece of cake, right? Nope.


  1. I’ve been working on another project that is still as-of-yet under wraps. I was feeling the need for some external validation. Once I get that, I’ll share publicly. Until then, it’ll remain a secret so I don’t get mired down in the shame of rejection. (ooh, mysterious!)


  1. I miss blogging! Thank you to all of you who have told me that you miss reading my blog. It’s difficult to express how much I appreciate the support. Just know that a modicum of sincere encouragement can carry me far.


In order to maintain this blog, eek out bits and pieces of my book, push forward on my super secret project, and care for the younguns I figure I’ll have to make a few changes:


  1. Most of the writing here will be quick, rough, experimental, possibly mundane. It might not be well thought out. Maybe you’ll be offended. You’ll likely think I’m off my rocker. Or you’ll know I was never on the rocker. But I’ll try not to post pics of my lunch or a run-down of the errands I ran today.


  1. Spelling and grammar? What’s that? I will make errors. I’ll consider it practice in accepting my mistakes. Overall, if the mistakes I’m making are in spelling and grammar, I’m doing alright. I’ll focus my former proofreading energy on learning to yell at my kid less. Priorities, amiright?


  1. I won’t always be able to include a graphic. This one will be hard! I love visuals! Maybe I’ll draw a stick-figure and take a pic with my phone.


That’s about it. I hope you’ll read along. Perhaps, along with the insignificant prattle, you’ll find a little bit of wisdom.


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