Day One on Citalopram (Celexa)

Concerned about starting meds with possible side effects when I’ve just started a new job, I asked my psychiatrist (or rather the resident who I’ll never see again because she’s graduating) if I should wait until I was a little more settled in at work just in case the effects were bad enough that I’d have to miss work. She seemed unconcerned and reassured me that we were starting at a low dosage, I should know pretty quickly if there were any unwanted effects, and that if anything the meds could help me during the transition. If I’d like, though, I could starting taking them on Friday so I’d have the weekend to give them a go.

So here we are at day one:

  • I take the first pill at 10pm (PDT) Friday night. (BSG was just starting ;-))
  • I feel a little drowsy after an hour, but it’s getting close to the time I normally sleep.
  • At 11:30 I start to feel high. It’s like I felt when I was taking Demerol after I had my wisdom teeth out.
  • At first I wonder if I’m just imagining it because I’m on edge, but I distract myself with TV and it doesn’t go away.
  • I keep taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly. Am I trying to calm myself?
  • Every so often I make a little closed-mouth peep. Like a kitty mew that sounds like a question. I do this when I’m sick sometimes. It’s comforting for some reason.
  • I feel drowsy, my muscles feel relaxed, but I’m restless and wide awake.
  • 1am rolls around and I roll out of bed to check to the bottle just to be sure I wasn’t supposed to take only half a pill. Nope, they’re 20mg each.
  • I have cotton mouth. Yup, I’m high.
  • I sit on the couch, my mind racing and suddenly remember back to the dr. asking if I’ve ever had a manic episode. Apparently, the meds can trigger them if I had. I told her I never had before, but am I having one now?
  • My neck is still tense and my jaw hurts.
  • 2:15 am. I’m hungry, feeling less high. I’ll get something to eat and try to sleep again.
  • 3 am. Remember melatonin helps me sleep. Stop being paranoid about drug interaction since I’ve told her I’m taking it. Take the melatonin and finally sleep.

5 thoughts on “Day One on Citalopram (Celexa)

  1. I just took my first 20mg dose last night and I felt the same way! I was wondering if it was all in my head too, so that is why this morning I tried to google something about it. I hope this doesn’t last long! I have been on other SSRIs in the past, but this is my first time with Celexa.

  2. Having a weird experience myself. I took it last night night before bed and felt kind of drowsy and fell asleep fine. But when I woke up this morning I felt really weird. As soon as I got up I had to puke. There wasn’t enough in my stomach so I dry heaved off and on for about 15 minutes. Then I started feeling messed up. Like I had taken some kind of hallucinogen and was about to start seeing things. Then I started having panic attacks. I still can not stand up because it feels weird when I walk around. I am not taking it again. I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old and I called someone to help me take care of her today because I didn’t feel like I felt safe doing it myself. I don’t feel like I could drive if I had to. Or that if she got hurt or anything that I could properly handle the situation. Not a good experience!

  3. I just celexa about an hour ago.. And my head is feeling a little tight.. And I’m tired, but not sure if I can sleep.. I do feel a bit giggly tho.. And my doc told me if I start to feel better or whatever it isn’t the meds it wa my mind having a placebo effect.. I don’t know.. Oh wait.. I just remembered I took it with a dose of lithium… Hmmm… Now I have no idea what’s going on.. My mouth isn’t dry.. And I am feeling a bit loopy bit in a happy way.. The only thing is the weird tightness in my skull… And my mouth is watering.. Hmmm… I’m just feeling a bit odd… Maybe like the Original poster, I’m high!!!! Lol.. Sex drive seems to still be working.. So.. All is good.. No more complaints! Ill check in tomorrow… šŸ™‚ night!

  4. i just took it last nite for the first. time…. afte 3 months coming off cymbalta i vowed i wouldnt take another pill.. but weeks of going crazy and i had to go back .. so he put me on celexa… i hope this helps .. last time on cymbalta.. i had tender breast and weight gain.. .. ill keep u posted….

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