No News Is Good News…For Now

I woke up, for the third or fourth time, at 8am on last Wednesday (fifth day on the Citalopram) and felt pelted with exhaustion. Getting out of bed wasn’t too difficult, but once I was up, showered, dressed and performing my morning ritual of “sit on the couch until I feel awake enough to greet the world”, I was ready to sleep again.
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Day One on Citalopram (Celexa)

Concerned about starting meds with possible side effects when I’ve just started a new job, I asked my psychiatrist (or rather the resident who I’ll never see again because she’s graduating) if I should wait until I was a little more settled in at work just in case the effects were bad enough that I’d have to miss work. She seemed unconcerned and reassured me that we were starting at a low dosage, I should know pretty quickly if there were any unwanted effects, and that if anything the meds could help me during the transition. If I’d like, though, I could starting taking them on Friday so I’d have the weekend to give them a go.

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