ADHD and Me

October is ADHD awareness month. I’ve decided to blog about ADHD every day of this month. In classic ADHD fashion, I need external motivation in order to produce anything consumable.

It’s now October 5th* and I’ve posted something! It’s still the beginning of October! I consider that a win.

I’ve had innumerable thoughts that I’ve wanted to write about, but now that I’m sitting at my computer, precious spare minutes allotted just for the task, my mind is as still as a serene lake. I made notes about various topics I could cover this month, but none interest me at the moment and so I’m left typing flat text that reads like an instruction manual. Boring.

But that’s what this month is about: harnessing the fire within that drives us in our most driven moments, pushing through the mundane, getting from start to finish – actual, genuine, push that “publish” button and walk away! finish, being our own genuine selves in a world that slowly backs away when we talk too much, complete too little, get excited about a different idea every few weeks, every few days, every few hours, meander in our thoughts, our conversation, our movement, knock stuff off of tables, spill on our shirts, and spend so much time on the ideal, the important, the novel that we don’t have time for appearance, flattery, social graces or other straight up BS.

Let’s do this!

* I know it’s October 6th. It took a day to hit “publish”. 🤷‍♀️

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