Why Is the Building Swaying?

There is was. My first earthquake. It seemed pretty small, considering at first I wondered if I was just having a dizzy spell. Then, all of my colleagues started getting up and talking excitedly. I hope it’s not forewarning of a bigger one to come. Although, I have to admit I am curious. Apparently, this map can tell me how it felt.


Take My Cancer Cells, Please

Tomorrow I wake at the normal time, shower like every other day, and eat the bowl of Cheerios I enjoy almost every morning, but instead of shuttling or biking into Yahoo afterwards, Dave is going to drive me to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) dermatology department for my Mohs surgery.

That is, of course, assuming the surgery is a go tomorrow. I did manage to break one itty bitty rule. Continue reading

Where’s a Doctor When You Need One?

One of the assumptions when moving to a larger metropolitan area is that there will be more access to services. With so many people here, in and around the Bay Area, there is seemingly a service for everything (there’s an ice cream trolley outside my apartment right now!) and competition to keep those services affordable and hold them to a standard of quality.

Consider this assumption debunked! Continue reading

Soul Sloshing in the Bay

A frequent question Dave and I are faced with since moving to the San Francisco bay area a few months ago is, “how’s California”. I enjoy talking about myself as much as anyone, but I have trouble answering the same question regularly especially when it feels rhetorical and the simple answer, “good” rolls off my tongue so quickly. In lieu of an emotionless canned response I’ve decided to create a video:

Didja catch all that? I am now open to specific questions relating to the contents of the video. Anything beyond, “how’s California/mountain view/yahoo/the west coast/the warmer weather?” etc. is acceptable.