Soul Sloshing in the Bay

A frequent question Dave and I are faced with since moving to the San Francisco bay area a few months ago is, “how’s California”. I enjoy talking about myself as much as anyone, but I have trouble answering the same question regularly especially when it feels rhetorical and the simple answer, “good” rolls off my tongue so quickly. In lieu of an emotionless canned response I’ve decided to create a video:

Didja catch all that? I am now open to specific questions relating to the contents of the video. Anything beyond, “how’s California/mountain view/yahoo/the west coast/the warmer weather?” etc. is acceptable.


12 thoughts on “Soul Sloshing in the Bay

  1. So, how’s them scantily-clad dancers there in California? I sure missed out when I was there!

    It was a cool video, though. You now fit right in on YouTube! I kinda thought you might use Yahoo video, but you know, whatever works. I’m sure Yahoo won’t lay anyone off just because you don’t use their service…

  2. HA!

    John and I just watched this, and we applaud heartily (because that’s what we must do to stay warm, everything must be done heartily).

    Very fun, very adorable, you’re hilarious and cute and fantastic and this makes me miss you more.

    But it makes me smile at the same time.

  3. Aw, you guys are awesome and make me want to make more videos for your viewing pleasure!

    Dave, the pole dancing will be kick ass when you buy me a pole.

    Hackel, gone are the days when people use a product because their family member works for the company. It’s up to Yahoo to motivate me to switch to them by producing a better product. Oh, but you can thank them for the scantily clad dancer…she was at their Year-End Party.

    Stay warm, guys!

  4. That video was very well put together. You should definitely do more.

    Do me a favor and see if you can find Pad Thai out there that tastes like the Pad Thai here, specifically the stuff at Sawatdee or Taste of Thailand. I have this theory that the Pad Thai here is unique and I want it disproved.

  5. I can’t believe I didn’t get to see this until now, that’s why I haven’t been like “KATIE THAT VIDEO WAS THE AWESOMEST THING EVER” until now.

    That was seriously the awesomest thing ever. I think I threw up in my mouth a little, from the sheer joy of it.

  6. @ Matt, I don’t remember the pad thai at Taste of Thailand, but if I remember it at Sawatdee it was really greasy, right? I feel like I should fly there and have it again just to have it fresh in my mind. Oh well, maybe next time we’re in town we’ll have to do that. For now, I think I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like.

    So far, the pad thai out here tends to have a sauce that is more reddish in color and one time was even very yellow. Tonight we tried Krung Thai, the thai place by our house that we really like. It was definitely not like Sawatdee, it was of the reddish variety. We’ll keep trying!

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