Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

Crossing Paths

Sometimes I have a feeling the universe is trying to tell me something. A while back I was writing about a man I once observed while riding the bus. He was the obligatory crazy man that all buses seem to have. I was straining to remember the details, not of the words he spoke to himself, but rather the way in which he conversed with himself. Did he answer questions no one was asking? Did he yell out random words and phrases? I couldn’t remember exactly, so I just embellished a little. After all, what I was writing was fiction.

Well, a few days later I was at Costco and I heard a voice approaching me from the aisle perpendicular. I knew that voice from somewhere. Seconds later, the “crazy man”, the very same man with whom I had ridden a bus two years earlier, the same man I had just written about, crossed my path.

I didn’t hear the words he was saying as he passed me, but I did note that he was having a complete conversation with himself. He would state an interesting fact and then marvel at how interesting the thing he had just heard was, as if it were the first time he had ever heard it.

I could chalk it up to a fascinating coincidence, but I’d rather assume that the universe put us both there at the same time for a reason. Maybe it’s a sign that I should continue writing about him?

I’d love to hear a story about a shocking or funny coincidence in your life.


3 thoughts on “Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

  1. My favorite coincidence was running into an old college friend from my school days in Nashville–in SEATTLE, six years later (no contact between), mere moments after we’d driven in and were just walking down a random street looking for a public bathroom. We ended up staying the night at her house and having a wonderful time! Don’t know if the universe meant for us to be friends, as I’ve lost touch with her again…or perhaps I screwed the universe over. šŸ™‚

  2. we were driving a woman to Illinois when my husband said to me when we get to Joplin mo we have to get off to buy gas because when his car says its empty it means its empty so we were talking and not paying attention we ran out of gas after passing Joplin so we pulled up under a overpass and went to a home knocked on door but no one was home so he continued to walk down road and a man picked him up and asked what he was doing and he said we ran out of gas so he said come on and we started down the road and he asked my husband where he was from and he said phoenix Arizona so the man said oh my brother lives there and my husband said what is his name and he said Guy Apple my husband said that’s my boss so they went and got gas he put it in our gas yank and said no charge say hello to my brother. then about thirty years gone by and we moved to kingman,arizona and we bought a truck when we went to register the truck and went to sign guy apple owned that truck things like that happen to us a lot.

  3. My name is Yasmin Cleveland, my dad was never really in my life when I was growing up. He was actually pretty physically abusive.
    So of course we had no relationship I tried over the years but it never really worked.
    Approximately 3 years ago people that know me kept pushing me to call my dad, call my dad, everyone I know keot saying you need to talk to your father call your dad you gonna regret it if something happens to him.
    I was stubborn and still hurt so I refuse to call him and had decided I was never going to speak to him again ever.
    I live & work in New Jersey and one of my co-workers, Sondra is from Grenada and she went on a retreat to Paris with her church.
    While she was there she met a woman, her name is Cynthia, who is from Trinidad. She was also in Paris with her church on a retreat. There were thousands of people from all over the world attending this retreat with their churches. Cynthia & Sondra, two strangers completely from and living in two different parts of the world sat next to each other and struck up a conversation.
    After Introducing themselves to one another. Cynthiha asked Sondra where are you from? Sondra replied, ” I’m from Grenada but I live in New Jersey”. Then Sondra ased Cynthia where are you from? “Cynthia replied I’m from Trinidad”.
    My co-worker Sondra says “oh really I have a co-worker named Yasmin, who’s also from Trinidad. Cynthia Oh really I have a niece name Yasmin she’s from Trinidad. What is your co-workers last name.
    My co-worker Sondra replied, her last name is Cleveland. Cynthia said oh my God my last name is Cleveland your coworker is my niece Yasmin Cleveland please tell my niece to call her dad.
    Oh I forgot to mention. My Aunt Cynthia & I don’t have a relationship. I have not spoken or seen her since I was a little girl and I’m 53 yrs old

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