My Children, Buster and Dante

I know everyone thinks their cat is cute, but seriously…mine is the cutest. There, I said it. Here’s proof:

Since I’ve been working from home I’ve been spending a lot more time with the cats. It can, at times, feel like being a stay at home mom: they need to be fed, their litter needs to be changed, and they need to be constantly watched and entertained.When they cry I try to figure out what’s wrong, but it’s a challenge because they don’t talk. Oftentimes, when Dave returns home I find myself explaining to him, “No, Dante is not hungry. He wants to play with his mouse. And Buster hasn’t napped all day so let him sleep.”

I also have to be aware of choking hazards. It might be a bit difficult to see from the photo below, but when I took the shot Dante was attempting to strangle himself with a cord we left lying around. He was also chewing on the metal tip. No, it was not plugged in, “but one time it might be!”, I told him.

Dante attempts to strangle himself with a cord

On Monday, we head back to Minneapolis for the holidays. We hired a pet sitter to check in on them a few times while we’re gone since even our friends who are in the area live far enough away to justify paying someone to do it. When we return home I’m sure that, as oftentimes has happened before, they will ignore us for a couple hours until we’ve learned our lesson and conclude that we shall never leave them again. Of course, after all the traveling we did last year, they seem to be getting used to it. Buster usually gives us a dirty look and a couple nasty tail flicks, but doesn’t ignore us for too long. Who’s he fooling?! We all know who feeds him, gives him his chin rubs, and tolerates him sleeping on their faces. I think he’s learning not to sweat it.

Happy holidays, folks! Remember to take some time for your family members with fur, wings, scales, and shells too, even if that includes your uncle Rodney.


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