Hot Cocoa


I, like many people, love a tasty rich cup of hot cocoa on a cool winter’s day. Although, it doesn’t get nearly as cold here as it did in MN, it’s still a nice pick-me-up in the middle of the full month of chilly rain. Well, and we also don’t turn on the heat in the winter here since hardy Minnesotans would never admit to using heat in California when the high rarely drops below 50 (at least in the sunny South Bay).

I used to use crappy packaged hot chocolate that contained trans fats and ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, but then one day I stumbled upon a recipe on the box of unsweetened cocoa I use for baking. I modified it a bit and it has since been the best hot chocolate that I’ve had the pleasure of consuming.

* 2 t unsweetened cocoa powder
* 2 t agave syrup
* 1 T whipping cream/half & half
* ~ 1 C hot milk

  1. Mix the cocoa powder, agave syrup, and cream/half & half in a mug until fully combined and smooth.
  2. Microwave milk in a separate mug or heat on the stovetop.
  3. Pour hot milk into mug with cocoa mixture and stir


I can’t speak from experience, but can only assume that the quality of the cocoa will make all the difference. I was using the Dutch cocoa that comes in the red box (pictured). It is a little pricier, but I can vouch for the utter delight experienced by my palate. Just trust me and stop using the Swiss Miss. It’s really not that much easier.


3 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa

  1. @ rannyrooster: Yup, that’s where I got it, but I bet you could get it in the natural foods section of other stores too.

  2. Looking back at this old post, I should point out that I don’t normally use agave syrup. It was a product that was new to be at the time and I was trying it out. I usually just use honey.

    Also, I’ve been using Ghirardelli’s unsweetened cocoa powder lately and I think any unsweetened cocoa powder will do as long as it doesn’t have crazy added ingredients that you don’t need.

    The whipping cream/half and half is really optional. It makes it a little creamier, but I normally just use skim or 1% milk.

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