Me Want Foooood!


Written on November 9th:

I’m finally feeling better! Yay! It was for about a month that I was feeling sick and extremely exhausted. Even after my dr. prescribed me drugs, the nausea felt better, but I just didn’t feel as though I could do much. I think I was just feeling weak from being so exhausted and from not eating enough.

Even after the nausea mostly went away I didn’t feel as though I could eat. Everything seemed gross or at the very least not at all appetizing. It’s hard to explain how I feel better now because there isn’t much I can specifically put my finger on. I just feel better. I can eat without feeling like I have to choke food down. I guess that does make a big difference. I’m still not super gung ho about eating, but it does feel a little easier and there are more things I can imagine myself eating.

I’ve even started craving a few things, like olives, or apples and bacon. Yes, apples and bacon together. A crisp, tart Granny Smith apple topped with a crunchy salty slice of bacon. My pregnancy tongue has invented a new appetizer! Does it sound tasty?

*Photo by Alan Berman


2 thoughts on “Me Want Foooood!

  1. Apples and pork are actually not that unusual a combination. I have a recipe for an apple-sausage skillet that is quite good . . . and slices of nice tart Granny Smith apples wrapped in bacon sounds like a yummy appetizer.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you’re continuing to feel better. And I must compliment the fetus’s taste in food. grin Maybe I’ll see you and Dave when I’m visiting Tim this week.

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