Valentine’s Day the Indian Way


Who doesn’t love a good party that involves fire? Dave and I went to the Valentine’s Day party at the Indian Community Center (ICC) in Milpitas on Saturday night. Usually their events involve dancing, karaoke, an open bar and darn good food. This last one had a fire performance! A man and woman danced sensually across the floor holding props covered with fire that they occasionally put out in their mouths. All the doors were propped open to let out the smoke, but when I got home and blew my nose I found that a lot of the ash still went up in there. It’s ok, that’s what nose hairs are for.

One thing irked me about how these events are planned, though. We had thought it would be fun to have a table full of friends. The tables seat about ten so we figured we could find five couples of the Indian persuasion amongst friends and co-workers, but when our friend Sarah called the ICC to inquire she was told there was an extra cost to purchase a whole table. Huh? We wouldn’t get a group discount, but rather we would have to pay extra to be seated together. How does that logic work? Why would I come to an event if I can’t be seated with my friends (assuming we buy the tickets together)? It ended up just being four of us, but even with that small of a group we were left wondering if they would seat us together. They did, but at what point do they draw the line and tell you you must purchase an entire table for an extra cost? Could we have eight friends at one table and be seated with an unsuspecting random couple?

So sadly we’re not likely to draw in a bunch of friends to ICC events for that reason, but we’ll likely head to another one of their events ourselves. If they turn down the music a bit so I can hear it without plugging my ears, organize the bar better so folks don’t cut in at the front halting the rest of the line for 20 minutes, and do away with their silly extra charge for reserving a whole table I’ll have no complaints and will definitely go again.


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