Spirited and Sweet

This is his “silly face”
I need to mommy boast for a moment. On Saturday we took the kids to Comic Con at the Santa Clara library, apparently to wear them out for days to come. S was starting to get “melty”, which is what I call it when he acts like he’s lost his bones. He becomes a puddle of human goo. BUT, there was a LEGO building contest! So, of course I signed him up.
He was super chill about not winning and waited in line to get a piece of candy for participating. When he walked over to me with his mini Twix bar I said, “OH YUM! You picked one of my favorites! Can I have it??? OM NOM NOM” He smiled his melt-the-coldest-heart smile, laughed and said, “you can have half and I’ll have half.”
OMG, I just about cried from mommy pride. All the challenges we have with this kiddo fade to the background when I remember how loving, sweet, compassionate, and caring he is. Who cares if you need five reminders to put on your PJs between the living room and bedroom, kiddo. You gave me a hug yesterday when I was frustrated and yelling. You’re gonna be just fine.

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