Jellyfish in 3D

**August 15**


Finally, here are more photos of jellyfish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium from our recent trip there with my family. I find this one fascinating because if you look at it just the right way (relax your eyes like you’re looking at one of those Magic Eye posters) it appears 3D. Yeah, that was an accident, but pretty awesome isn’t it?


And just because I know you love to examine their gooey jellyness that makes you wanna reach out and squish them between your fingers like a stress ball or bread dough, here’s a closeup! Watch out for those stingers!


Red Velvet Jellyfish Cake

August 15


What is there to say about a beautiful red jellyfish floating in a solid blue background? That I want to take a big bite out of it’s cushy muffin-like surface? Ouch.

I didn’t realize how awesome these things are until catching the exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium while my parents and niece were in town for a visit. I just wish they didn’t have such a potential to hurt me. I mean, seriously, we learned that there are a couple specific breeds of jellyfish that can kill a person in minutes…or seconds…well, some frighteningly small amount of time.

I made Dave promise he’d pee on me if I got stung by one.

What Flavor is Your Kool-Aid Fountain?

Today at work I noticed a number of sites in which folks would post a daily photo either of themselves showing how they change from day to day or of a particular item they happen upon during the course of the day. I’ve decided this is a good exercise, but that I would have a hard time keeping up with the daily uploads and commentary (because I can’t make a post without writing something and that something usually turns into a long something). Therefore, I will start by making a post each weekday with a photo, but not necessarily a photo from that particular day nor the recent past. Just a photo.

**May 31**


Blue. The answer is blue flavor. This here is the Kool-aid fountain we pass on our regular biking route to Palo Alto. I had speculated that it was perhaps that blue stuff that is used to clean toilets or neutralize outhouses, but then I saw someone let his dog drink out of it. Since then I prefer to assume it is Kool-aid. Unfortunately, that leads to a strong desire to drink from it myself while biking past on a hot day.