What Flavor is Your Kool-Aid Fountain?

Today at work I noticed a number of sites in which folks would post a daily photo either of themselves showing how they change from day to day or of a particular item they happen upon during the course of the day. I’ve decided this is a good exercise, but that I would have a hard time keeping up with the daily uploads and commentary (because I can’t make a post without writing something and that something usually turns into a long something). Therefore, I will start by making a post each weekday with a photo, but not necessarily a photo from that particular day nor the recent past. Just a photo.

**May 31**


Blue. The answer is blue flavor. This here is the Kool-aid fountain we pass on our regular biking route to Palo Alto. I had speculated that it was perhaps that blue stuff that is used to clean toilets or neutralize outhouses, but then I saw someone let his dog drink out of it. Since then I prefer to assume it is Kool-aid. Unfortunately, that leads to a strong desire to drink from it myself while biking past on a hot day.


3 thoughts on “What Flavor is Your Kool-Aid Fountain?

  1. Thanks! It doesn’t change color, as far as I know. I have no clue why it has that artificial shade of blue and sadly, it does not smell like Kooh-aid. I am tempted to pack some blue Kool-aid and head out for a bike ride so I can drink it next to this fountain. Maybe it would freak people out.

  2. Definitely don’t wanna drink this. More than likely, the blue is Physan 20, a fountain/pond additive which kills pond scum and algae. Probably isn’t good for the dog, either. It’s not poisonous, per se, but you can’t keep fish in it.

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