The People at the Party in the Park

Since I’ve been running around Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area all week I haven’t been keeping up with my goal of daily photo posts. Therefore, I’m going to take a stab at posting this weekend in order to make up for it.

One of my goals in regards to photography is to improve the shots I take of people. Following are a couple of my favorites from the wedding:

**September 6**


Dave and Sarah congratulate each other on their achieved hilarity.


Have I interrupted the pre-officiating conference? Maybe I have caught an attempt to convert Al to the church of officiating officiants and their official coefficients.

Birthday Photos

Today’s photo post is a double whammy since both were taken on the same day, my birthday! Dante peered at the poster for the ambient music event at the Madrone Lounge in San Francisco, looked up at me, pursed his kitty lips, and narrowed his eyes in an expression that could only be taken one way.

“Ambient music? C’mon.”

Well, Dante, you’re one to talk about taste. You eat Buster’s puke.

**July 19**


Later in the evening
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