Birthday Photos

Today’s photo post is a double whammy since both were taken on the same day, my birthday! Dante peered at the poster for the ambient music event at the Madrone Lounge in San Francisco, looked up at me, pursed his kitty lips, and narrowed his eyes in an expression that could only be taken one way.

“Ambient music? C’mon.”

Well, Dante, you’re one to talk about taste. You eat Buster’s puke.

**July 19**


Later in the evening

, Katie R C Cola had one too many of those hoity-toity beers from World Market and decided it would be a good idea to glue the bottlecaps to her eyelids. We all thought it was hilarious and praised her ingenuity until it became apparent her cries for help were not in jest. That’s right. They were stuck.

We tried everything, water, mayonnaise, peanut butter, nail polish remover. Dante even tried to lick them off. Finally, either Dan or Ryan, I can’t remember which, had a brilliant idea. We all went outside and led Katie in a strenuous run around the block over and over until she had worked up quite a sweat. Finally, the bottlecaps fell off one after the other, loosened by the new slippery suppleness of skin warm and damp.

The moral is, keep your drunk friends away from superglue.

**July 19**


Ok, that didn’t happen at all, but didn’t it make for a great story?


6 thoughts on “Birthday Photos

  1. Dante’s expression is great 🙂

    And, you are a very good storyteller…I love that the only possible believable explanation for my (completely-non-alcoholically-fueled-whatsoever) behavior is that I must have been drunk :p

  2. @ katie21kmr
    Well y’know, it’s the first thing one would assume after seeing beer bottlecaps covering your eyes. 😉

  3. Haha! I read the first part of your article before scrolling down, and I swore I could not remember this ever happening… I was typing a message to you, but then you logged off. Glad I read the rest before sending an embarassing email! 😛

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