Writing My Passion

As terrifying as it is I think it’s about time I start to share some of my writing. I’m hoping that if I put it out there I will be less afraid and that’ll encourage me to write more. To start I’ll share something I wrote on the fly rather than something I’ve been working on for a while, that way if no one likes it I don’t feel as devastated.

The following was what I wrote for a writing exercise at the Foothill College Writers’ Conference that I went to back in July. The exercise was simply to write about something I’m passionate about. I decided to tear through the fear and to do exactly what the exercise asked. I wrote about what I’m most passionate about despite being attacked for it in the past. The result was a stark naked emotional piece that I wrote without hesitation or fear of attack. I wish I could write like that more often. Please, be gentle… Continue reading


What does a writer/property manager/homemaker do all day?

For almost two years now, since we’ve moved out to the Bay Area and I’ve experienced my first long stretch without a job since my freshman year of college, I’ve been planning to write about working in the home. There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions associated with the kind of work I do that I’d love to address, but realistically they can’t all be discussed in one blog post. I’ll start with this one, “what do you do all day?”. Continue reading

I’m Back! (and Writing More Than Ever)


That’s right! My contract at Yahoo ended last month so I’m back to working at home and spending most of my time working on my book. So far it has been going great. The therapy for the past year has definitely paid off. I’m finding myself armed with techniques to stave off the anxiety that leads to procrastination, pain and avoidance. I’ve also been reading Writing Down the Bones, which has been providing me with reminders to deal with my fear (even the best writers write a lot of crap!), motivation, and understanding.

But I’m being too abstract! Continue reading

On the Road

Dave and I had a wonderful flight to Denver and then a somewhat wonderful flight (we’re still alive!) from there to Albuquerque, NM, despite the fact that we were quite exhausted from waking at 4:30am-mainly to feed the cats (they’re so demanding!). Dave, being able to sleep just about anywhere, was quite happy with the 2 degree incline of his seat back and proceeded to drift into a refreshing nap. I, on the other hand, resigned to being satisfied with closing my eyes and wishing steadily for a moment of rest and frequently being enlightened with thoughts that I absolutely had to wake Dave to share with him. Mwahahahahaha!

Upon arrival in ABQ we caught our shuttle and made fast for our rental car. After arguing with who was quite possibly the most irritating customer service rep we gave up on our coupon for a free upgrade and decided to go with the economy size. Soon after, we were given, without requesting it I might add, a DOUBLE upgrade from the nice man outside and quickly chose our Olds Alero.

I, being the only individual in our party of car rental age was blessed with driving around ABQ all day, which would have been quite pleasant if not for the pouring rain that began soon before rush hour. Being that we were in a desert town we were in for quite a treat. Continue reading