Hiking in the Foothills

Last weekend Katie came down from Sacramento and the three of us (yup, Dave and the Katies) went hiking around the Foothills. We let the GPS do the thinking, which first led us to the Palo Alto Foothills Park, where we were turned away because we are not Palo Alto residents. The park ranger pointed us in the direction of the the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve that is open to the public. I got some pretty sweet scenic shots on the way there and while hiking:


Anyone know what kind of trees these are? It was tough to capture how gorgeous this was. We were driving the winding hills, turned a corner and came across row after row of flowering trees. The colors were almost unreal. I tried to edit the photo to demonstrate the golden yellow tone beneath the pink blossoms and the sunny blue sky.


Next time maybe we’ll do some riding! Apparently, Westwind Barn and the land pictured are owned by the city of Los Altos Hills and open to the public.


I love how the meandering hill leads you to the horizon in this one.


That’s us! If you look in the foreground you can see the long stripe of shadow from each of us leading up to the top of our shadows at the bottom of the hill. The focus on the grass in front is just perfect, making it seem like our shadows are lurking in the background.


I love the many layers, but I think I might crop it a little to get rid of the distracting blade of grass on the right that cuts through the mountains. What do you think?


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