Apple Fans Need Another Kind of ipad

It has been a while since I’ve written about the joys of living in Silicon Valley and the kind of drama that goes on around here, but with the announcement of Apple’s ipad I guess it’s time to express such virtues of living in a bubble unlike any other once again. It has been a while since I’ve kept up with Techcrunch and I’ve never been one to follow Apple gossip blogs, but it was still hard to avoid rumors that Apple has been working on a tablet PC. Could that have something to do with living with Dave? Oh gee, I suppose.

As soon as I’m online this morning Dave IMs me, “ipad! You want one go buy it”. To which I reply, “ipad? I’m buying a misspelled ipod?”, speculating that a batch of ipods slipped through the cracks, were released with the name misspelled and now obsessed fans are running out in hoards to buy them as collectors’ items knowing one day they’ll require a prominent space on shelves of tech museums everywhere.

No really, I knew what he meant, but what an intriguing name. Already there are posts flooding Twitter and other common sources of geek chit chat that liken it to the name of a new feminine tech product. Finally, the tech world is opening up to women! Uh, now if we can just find a way to turn the conversation away from scantily clad pictures of us and references to our reproductive cycles.

In his presentation, Steve Jobs mentioned that the ipad is “way better than a laptop, way better than a smart phone”. Isn’t he essentially telling us not to buy their other crap? Shouldn’t we just wait for the next product to come out that is way better than the ipad? Do you plan to buy one as soon as they hit the shelves? If so, tell us what about it attracts you over other similar products.


5 thoughts on “Apple Fans Need Another Kind of ipad

  1. haha, thanks Rebecca for making me LOL by failing to link to the correct fail…and I got to catch up on failblog!

    Dave, as you pointed out last night, there actually is one with 3G. Does it still count as a fail? BTW, your co-workers aren’t the only ones who wont shut up about it. On the train today the guy checking our tickets was chatting with two passengers about it. Man, I cannot get over how this place is a different world.

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