Live Vicariously Through a Silicon Valley Wife

You may know about the MacWorld keynote, the address Steve Jobs gives about upcoming Apple releases and innovations. You may even know about the blame he placed on Flickr this year when his screen blacked out while demoing a new feature on Apple TV, but do you know all the gossip that ensued?

Turns out the folks over at Flickr were pissed. Understandably so, the MacWorld keynote, “Stevenotes”, is a big deal. Techies, business folks and the non-technie/business community alike tune in and give him their apt attention. When he said Flickr wasn’t serving, people likely paid attention. Whether or not it was the fault of folks at Flickr, was moot. Mr. Jobs made it true. Could it have been an error on Apple’s end? Sure. Is that the first thing he’d speculate during a presentation about Apple products and services? Not likely.

To make matters worse for the folks at Flickr, the local sewing circle gossip rag, Valleywag, jumped on the bandwagon and slammed them further by linking to a screenshot of a Flickr error message posted by a Yahoo employee, Jeremy Johnstone.

As it were, the Yahoos (Yahoo employees) got their revenge a la a goatse-esque* maneuver. Jeremy changed the linked image from the error page to this image:

Valleywag Sucks!

Valleywagers replied the next day with a childish attack on Jeremy that resembles writing “geek” on someone’s locker.

And you thought high school behavior was out of control in your workplace. Try living in a valley of geeky gossip columnists and hi-tech hijinks. As silly as it all may seem, I have to admit that I’m amused.

*Back in January 2007, Jason Scott posted an image on his site and thousands of people hotlinked to the image, effectively stealing his bandwidth. His revenge was to switch to the goatse photo. (Don’t search for it. Trust me, it’s disgusting. If you really want to know what goatse is, just read about it on Wikipedia.)Borrowing someone’s image online (hotlinking) uses up their bandwidth. Big no-no. If you want to use an image, download it and support it with your own space. Apparently, Valleywag didn’t hotlink to Jeremy’s image, but many of their readers clicked on a link they provided to view the image above, nonetheless.

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