Microblogging: The First Few Weeks After Birth


Time for cramming more microblogging into a full blog post! I’m thankful that my slightly younger self was able to take the time to make quick updates to Facebook so I can look back on the first couple weeks of my son’s life. It’s just a snapshot, but it brings back memories and allows me to elaborate now, while I still remember some details.

> Man, my kid is shedding like crazy. Pieces of baby skin all over our bed. What a little lizard. –June 4 at 8:10pm

Apparently, this is a sign of a baby who was truly overdue (not just a misestimated due date) because the vernix was shed long before the birth. We told our pediatrician that he was four days overdue. She replied that she could tell by looking at him that he was more than four days late. A bit resistant, were we, Sidd?

>Katie Bonn is so thankful the nipple shield is working. Hopefully it can come off soon.
June 5 at 2:01pm

You can read more about my adventures in breastfeeding in a previous post. I still have yet to finish writing part II. Sadly, it’s still a bit traumatic to write about it. We had such a rough start during those first eight weeks. It takes a lot of thought to accurately describe how awful it is to handle the emotional anguish one feels when her baby won’t eat. Occasionally, I drop by the breasfeeding support group I used to frequent where I see new moms going through the same thing and I just want to cut a piece of victory and strength out of myself to feed to them.

>Katie Bonn is having a hard time digesting the awful attack on the Gaza Flotilla while so heavily absorbed in the life of a newborn. At one point in my life, those people on that boat could have been me…still could be, one day. Here’s to hoping her next generation will carry on the torch of justice.
June 6 at 12:26pm

What I didn’t say is that I was feeling a lot of guilt about not being able to react publicly to that incident. Now, I try to remind myself that I can still be active by being a parent and teaching my son to be a good person who fights for justice for everyone, even if the cause is unpopular.

>Katie Bonn is eating pizza.
June 8 at 5:09pm

As I recall, this was an example post to teach my mom how to use Facebook. I told her, “Just wait, people will start commenting on this now”. I got three comments within the next hour and a half and eight people “liked” it.

>Katie Bonn is so relieved that Siddhartha is back to his birth weight. From 7lbs, 2oz to 6,7 to 6lbs and then back to 7,2 four days after meeting with Good Samaritan’s lactation consultants. He’s such a good eater.
June 10 at 7:54am

Thank God we got in to see Emma over at Good Samaritan. I felt like I was watching Sidd whither away before my eyes. We didn’t expect his weight to go back up that fast. Those nights of setting the alarm to wake us every two hours to feed Sidd were worth it.

>Katie Bonn is so thankful for Dave Dash and his way of talking her through the fear. She will make it through this time and things will get easier. There’s so much to look forward to and this is just preparation for it all. Even if he cries all night, the best we can do to calm him is good enough.
June 14 at 8:30pm

This only hints at the anxiety and depression I went through. I had heard that it is common to have “baby blues” after birth, but was not at all prepared for how it really felt. It was like being on the verge of a panic attack almost every moment.

For those who have never had a panic attack, try this. Stand on the edge of a cliff. Now, have someone you trust push you suddenly and then pull you to safety at the very last second. Ok, don’t really do this. Chances are, you’ll both end up going over the edge. But imagine what would happen in your body if you believed you were falling to your death. The racing heart, struggle for breath, the hot flash, tension making every muscle in your body spasm at once so you’re shaking all over.

Yup, that’s how I felt in the weeks after giving birth. Every. Single. Minute. We had to play a relaxation CD to be able to sleep and I think it only worked because we were so sleep deprived that the need over-powered the panic.

>Yes! Baby Sibi is calmed & asleep in record time. Thank you blow dryer!
June 17 at 4:22pm

Too bad the methods for getting him to sleep have not remained consistent. The blow dryer worked well at first. Then swaddling, bouncing or jiggling and shushing aggressively composed the secret recipe. When I discovered nursing him to sleep I was ecstatic. Now, that doesn’t always work.

Sometimes Dad walks (and reads his Kindle) with him in the moby wrap. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep in the car (which is a relief considering he used to SCREAM if he was tired in the car). Sometimes we have to bring him in the bathroom with the lights off, away from all stimulus and rock and pat him while he FUSSES. (oh boy, does he fuss.) Often, we just have to let him stay awake, despite the redness and lines under his eyes and the crankiness.

Does this bring back any memories of the first few weeks with your kids?


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