Oil Pastels

Today I scrolled through Pinterest to find an activity for my preschooler, S. I came across a pin with a 30 day drawing challenge that lists a different drawing prompt for each day. The first is “yourself”. So I pulled out the oil pastels and S got to work drawing himself.

preschool-aged boy colors with oil pastels
Beware, oil pastels are messy and don’t clean up easily

The baby, R, made sure I knew he wanted something by fussing and pointing. Yup, he wanted to play with the oil pastels. Ok, I figured, he doesn’t put things in his mouth quite so much anymore and I’ll keep an eye on him while I work on my own picture.

one-year-old sits in a high chair holding oil pastels
He wanted to be in on the action

He did mostly keep them out of his mouth, but briefly tested the taste and texture of a couple. (I did a little research and found out that Pentel oil pastels are ACMI certified as being non-toxic.)

When S finished his drawing, I asked if he now wanted to draw a picture of himself. He said, “I did. It’s myself as Roy G. Biv!” I’ll consider that a win.

abstract drawing with many different colors
the Artist as Roy G. Biv

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