Making Naptime Happy Time


Dave and I had a rough time when Siddhartha was first born, but after about three or four weeks we finally started to feel the panic fade. By that time we had an idea of when he was hungry or tired, and he had started to spend some time awake and happy each day.

Weeks went by with minor ups and downs before I realized that I dreaded naptime. Continue reading


10 Things I Won’t Miss About Being Pregnant, Part II

I had started a post months back relating the things that I would not miss about being pregnant. I wasn’t able to finish the second half by the time Sidd was born and afterwards…well, for a while there I was lucky to find the time to eat and shower, not to mention sleep. Now that things have calmed down a bit (Sidd is two months old already!) I have bits of time here and there during which I can reflect on how great it is to be un-pregnant. Continue reading

Lessons Learned From My Little Buddha

Sleeping Baby

I hear children teach adults many wise life lessons. Less than two months old and Siddhartha has already taught me (inadvertently, I think) a huge one. I will be much happier if I simply accept that things will not always go according to plan. Not yet able to speak and he has already demonstrated for me the basic tenets of Buddhism. The difference between the way things are and the way we want things to be causes suffering. If we want to end suffering, we must eliminate our desires and accept things as they are. Continue reading

Right Breast Re-Accepted!


We got home from the hospital yesterday with baby Siddhartha and sure enough, just hours after leaving he rejected one breast and then the other. In the hospital we had a lactation consultant who was available most of the day. I just had to push a call button for a nurse and request a consult. There are no call buttons at home and no nurses waiting on us. Continue reading

10 Things I Won’t Miss About Being Pregnant, Part I

Our little dude at 35 weeks

Today is our “due date”! Woo! I put it in quotes because no one is really expected to take it seriously. Obviously, it’s just a suggested birth date, but since my body and my baby are colluding and leaving me out of their plans, I have no way of knowing when the birth will actually happen.

A few weeks ago I wrote a list of 10 Things I’ll Miss About Being Pregnant. Now that the end of the pregnancy is imminent I felt I should come up with a list of things I won’t miss in order to mentally prepare myself. Continue reading

10 Things I’ll Miss About Being Pregnant

Baby Smile

Now that we’re at 37 weeks we’re nearing the end of the pregnancy. Little Cupcake could come any time in the next month, but I’m expecting him to be on the later end. We’ll see if he starts out by living up to my expectations. 🙂 I have mixed emotions about the end of this stage. Many people ask me if I’m ready for it to be over. At this point I’m not, but I’m also excited for the birth. Since I know the end of the pregnancy is inevitable, I made a list of things that I’ll miss about it. Maybe I can use this list to motivate me if I decide to do this again. 😉 Continue reading

My Bookshelf: HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method


In preparation for the birth of our first baby sometime in the next few weeks I started reading HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method by Marie F. Mongan. I’ve just started it, but already I’m impressed by the calming effect it is having on me. Funny thing is, I haven’t even begun to read much about the specifics of the technique.

In the first part of the book Mongan spends much of her time convincing the reader that childbirth does not have to be painful. Continue reading