Am I Seeing Things or Are the Trees Looking at Me?

**June 10**


What Flavor is Your Kool-Aid Fountain?

Today at work I noticed a number of sites in which folks would post a daily photo either of themselves showing how they change from day to day or of a particular item they happen upon during the course of the day. I’ve decided this is a good exercise, but that I would have a hard time keeping up with the daily uploads and commentary (because I can’t make a post without writing something and that something usually turns into a long something). Therefore, I will start by making a post each weekday with a photo, but not necessarily a photo from that particular day nor the recent past. Just a photo.

**May 31**


Blue. The answer is blue flavor. This here is the Kool-aid fountain we pass on our regular biking route to Palo Alto. I had speculated that it was perhaps that blue stuff that is used to clean toilets or neutralize outhouses, but then I saw someone let his dog drink out of it. Since then I prefer to assume it is Kool-aid. Unfortunately, that leads to a strong desire to drink from it myself while biking past on a hot day.

Lose Ounces of Flesh in Just One Day!

I was planning to edit my last post to add these photos, but decided they really merit a post of their own. You know those weight loss ads that always show someone with bad posture, ratty hair, and a very unhappy attitude who clearly could solve all that by simply losing a few pounds in a rapid quick-fix sort of way? You know how in the after picture the startling difference can usually be chocked up to better photo quality, a little bit of make-up and a nice smile?

Well, Dave and I decided to recreate this successful advertising scheme into an ad for Mohs surgery! Continue reading

Cancer Free Since 2008!

If you plan to get some cancer, try to make it the basal cell kind. Not only is it slow-growing and extremely rare to metastasize, it was also a breeze to cure. They just carve it out! (Tiny knock on wood just in case it decides to come back. There’s a 97-99% chance that it won’t according to Dave’s recent research.)

Today was a special sort of Halloween and my nose was the pumpkin.
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Take My Cancer Cells, Please

Tomorrow I wake at the normal time, shower like every other day, and eat the bowl of Cheerios I enjoy almost every morning, but instead of shuttling or biking into Yahoo afterwards, Dave is going to drive me to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) dermatology department for my Mohs surgery.

That is, of course, assuming the surgery is a go tomorrow. I did manage to break one itty bitty rule. Continue reading

Where’s a Doctor When You Need One?

One of the assumptions when moving to a larger metropolitan area is that there will be more access to services. With so many people here, in and around the Bay Area, there is seemingly a service for everything (there’s an ice cream trolley outside my apartment right now!) and competition to keep those services affordable and hold them to a standard of quality.

Consider this assumption debunked! Continue reading