Lose Ounces of Flesh in Just One Day!

I was planning to edit my last post to add these photos, but decided they really merit a post of their own. You know those weight loss ads that always show someone with bad posture, ratty hair, and a very unhappy attitude who clearly could solve all that by simply losing a few pounds in a rapid quick-fix sort of way? You know how in the after picture the startling difference can usually be chocked up to better photo quality, a little bit of make-up and a nice smile?

Well, Dave and I decided to recreate this successful advertising scheme into an ad for Mohs surgery!

Before Mohs Surgery After Mohs Surgery
Before: All full of nasty cancer. After: Cancer free and looking great!

6 thoughts on “Lose Ounces of Flesh in Just One Day!

  1. Ha! Those ads always cracked me up.
    So do you fit in with the other Californians who just got nosejobs?
    But seriously, I’m glad all went well. πŸ™‚

  2. thankyou for posting this.. i just had the procedure today and i am horrified. im really upset and scared. did your face heal well? was there a big scar?

  3. Hi quesabes,
    I know it’s really terrifying to have surgery on your face and to not know if you’re going to look the same afterward, but at least in my case it was not so bad. I do remember thinking that it really sucked that the cancer was on my nose since it’s right in the middle of my face so I thought it would be very noticeable. In reality, no one notices it unless I point it out. When I see people who don’t know I had surgery and I tell them about it they always look confused and ask me where on me it was done. Of course, I can see the scar myself because I know where it is and exactly what it looks like. Well, and when I look at it I’m looking in a mirror that is close to me, which is closer than the distance at which most people see my face.

    Maybe it will be different for you, especially depending on how many times they had to go back to get more tissue (mine was done on the first try), but that scar will always be a reminder to you to put on sunblock or wear a hat and more importantly, it can make you grateful that the cancer you had was curable. I had an uncle who died from melanoma so whenever I notice my scar I feel lucky that I caught the cancer right away, that it was basal cell, and that I learned how to be careful in the sun at such a young age.

    Don’t worry too much even if it does show up a lot at first. The scar takes a long time to fade. If I remember correctly, it takes six months or even a year before it finally stops healing and changing. Also, there is so much they can do these days reconstructive-wise that I’m sure you will look fine. I hope you are happy with how it turns out!

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