Zombies Are Popping up Everywhere!

As many of you know, and some of you may not know, Walking Shadow Theatre Company has a show in the MN Fringe Festival this year. Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, A True and Accurate Account of the 1599 Zombie Plague, opens this Saturday, August 2 at Rarig Theatre.

Normally I would support my friends by purchasing tickets to the show and enjoying it, followed by enthusiastically cajoling everyone I know to go see it themselves. Since I am no longer living in MN and saddened by missing every show this year (Walking Shadow, Upright Egg, Live Action Set, Random Fringe shows featuring people I randomly know), I’ve decided to contribute instead in a more creative capacity.

Following is my contribution to the Minneapolis theatre community and is especially appropriate, I’d like to think, for Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead.


That’s not make-up, people!


3 thoughts on “Zombies Are Popping up Everywhere!

  1. Hey. I just saw this pic, and I noticed it looks like you had stitches. I didn’t know that…if that IS the case. How many did you get? Enjoyed working out with your now-cancer free self today. (Ha ha: memory just attacked me. My friend and I would use “self” as in my “self” to refer to our genitalia!) Oh, genitalia.

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