Shooting Crabs at the Pike Place Market

With so much going on, I’ve been slow in posting photos from our trip to Seattle back in June. We didn’t have much time so I spent most days visiting with friends rather than touring, but we did make it to the Pike Place Market and I’m certainly glad we did. It has the colors, patterns, and bustling people that make it a great place to snap some shots. Following are some of my favorites:


Welcome to the market! We snuck in from the back apparently.




I think I had a shot that was slightly better than this one, but I couldn’t resist posting this one because I love the way the one woman is looking back at me like she’s trying to figure out why I’m taking a random photo of their booth.


Are these clams or oysters? I really have no clue. What’s the difference between the two?


Suddenly I felt like I was back in good ol’ New Mexico where folks like to hang these on their porches for…fun?


Is there anything more beautiful than fresh produce?


Is there anything more humorous that eggplant? I mean brinjal…uh, I mean aubergine?


Action shot! Gimme some aubergine please!


The market was saturated with a colorful diverse display of flowers. They had me wishing I had a reason to buy some.


Seriously, rows upon rows of them!


This family was laughing hysterically at a man performing with his bird. Unfortunately, we got there just as he was leaving, but the kids were so cute and having so much fun they made for great subjects with delighted toothy (or rather, slightly toothless) grins. Later, I wished I had gotten their parents in the shot as well. I would have cropped them out completely, but I loved the way they appeared to be having just as much fun as the kids. Too bad there was only time for one quick snap before everyone dispersed.


I’m going to stand here and wiggle these two fingers until someone agrees to buy some seafood. C’mon people, we ship seafood anywhere!

Does this look like a fun place or what? It’s definitely a place to go if you’ve got a camera and some time to kill, but I think it would drive me nuts if I lived in the area and tried to do any real shopping. Too many damn tourists! :0)


3 thoughts on “Shooting Crabs at the Pike Place Market

  1. I used to do that on occasion. I worked downtown/regrade and lived in First Hill. There were always tons of tourists downtown during summer but not really noticeable the rest of the year. But shopping at Pikeplace after work was just as it was closing so I’d get end of the day deals and delicious produce.

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