Zombies Are Popping up Everywhere!

As many of you know, and some of you may not know, Walking Shadow Theatre Company has a show in the MN Fringe Festival this year. Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, A True and Accurate Account of the 1599 Zombie Plague, opens this Saturday, August 2 at Rarig Theatre.

Normally I would support my friends by purchasing tickets to the show and enjoying it, followed by enthusiastically cajoling everyone I know to go see it themselves. Since I am no longer living in MN and saddened by missing every show this year (Walking Shadow, Upright Egg, Live Action Set, Random Fringe shows featuring people I randomly know), I’ve decided to contribute instead in a more creative capacity.

Following is my contribution to the Minneapolis theatre community and is especially appropriate, I’d like to think, for Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead.

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Lose Ounces of Flesh in Just One Day!

I was planning to edit my last post to add these photos, but decided they really merit a post of their own. You know those weight loss ads that always show someone with bad posture, ratty hair, and a very unhappy attitude who clearly could solve all that by simply losing a few pounds in a rapid quick-fix sort of way? You know how in the after picture the startling difference can usually be chocked up to better photo quality, a little bit of make-up and a nice smile?

Well, Dave and I decided to recreate this successful advertising scheme into an ad for Mohs surgery! Continue reading

Cancer Free Since 2008!

If you plan to get some cancer, try to make it the basal cell kind. Not only is it slow-growing and extremely rare to metastasize, it was also a breeze to cure. They just carve it out! (Tiny knock on wood just in case it decides to come back. There’s a 97-99% chance that it won’t according to Dave’s recent research.)

Today was a special sort of Halloween and my nose was the pumpkin.
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Take My Cancer Cells, Please

Tomorrow I wake at the normal time, shower like every other day, and eat the bowl of Cheerios I enjoy almost every morning, but instead of shuttling or biking into Yahoo afterwards, Dave is going to drive me to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) dermatology department for my Mohs surgery.

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