Focus, Baby! The Distractible 3.5 month old

Remember how I wrote that I figured out how to make naptime easier on both Siddhartha and myself? Remember how I wrote that I had learned not to worry about his naps? Remember how I forgot all that and lost my mind??? Sigh, I do.

Now that we’re firmly planted in the 3-4 month super crappy no good very bad sleep regression, I completely understand what I had read before about the difficulty of this time.

I’m having a hell of a time getting Sidd to nap and when I do it’s almost always for only 20 or 45 minutes. Then, it’s HOURS before I can get him to close his freakin’ eyes again. Of course, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he didn’t look completely exhausted an hour after waking up with lines under his puffy red eyes and the back of his balled up little fist rubbing vigorously against them.

It also wouldn’t be so bad if he were still sleeping well at night. But guess what? He’s not. It’s like being back to having a newborn, but one who also doesn’t sleep during the day. The one bonus is that he screams a lot less.

And the distractibility! Oh my, the distractibility. It is so hard to get him to nurse for a long time now. I’ll admit, it’s super cute when he pulls off the breast to stare at me, waiting for me to look down at him so he can give me a smile that would strike a ray of sunshine into Mordor (OMG! Geek reference!). What would be great, though, is if he would be more interested in eating than watching the tree outside moving in the breeze. If I let it be, I feel as though I’ve got a baby who’s starving and sleep-deprived and there’s gotta be something a momma can do to fix that!

So far what I’ve read about the distractible baby tells me to create the least distracting environment possible (Guess that means locking the cat out of the bedroom again) and to offer the breast more often (more often than every two hours?).

Oh, and the most difficult bit of advice to follow? Don’t worry. This is normal. Babies at 3-4 months are notoriously bad sleepers and get distracted easily (Something about suddenly being able to see nearly everything around them keeps them interested in things other than sleeping and eating. Go figure.). If all babies go through this and survive without good long naps every day, then chances are my kid will come out of it normal and healthy too, right? Right. Time to go about my day and fuggetaboutit!

Did your kid(s) have a difficult time sleeping at 3-4 months? When did it pass? Tell me it passed. Oh please, tell me s/he became a better sleeper! Any tips for getting better sleep for you and baby and/or improving daytime nursing? More importantly, any tips to help ease the mind and take it all in stride?


One thought on “Focus, Baby! The Distractible 3.5 month old

  1. hate to break it to you but the whole sleep thing comes and goes, or at least that’s what i’ve experienced. if it’s not growth spurts then it’s teeth then it’s something else. we’re now at a point where owen gets 12 hours every night and one 1 hour nap during the day. my advice is to keep a routine when it comes to sleep, especially at night. owen was an awful distracted nurser, i sometimes had to take him to a different room and even then it was hard to keep him focused. my tip for easing the mind is you’re not the only one, we all go through it with our babies at some point. keep at it, you’re doing an awesome job because you’re making the effort every day!

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