Microblogging From Birth

Listen up, Bear!

The baby buddha was hanging out with my friend, his Auntie Andrea, for a few hours yesterday. She had been there to watch over him since ten in the morning, but I didn’t get out of the house until quarter to one. “I had a lot of stuff to take care of around the house”, I tell myself. “It takes so long to get going.” But really, am I still just a little bit afraid of leaving my little baby? I completely trust Andrea, that’s not the problem. I just can’t shake the feeling that Sidd needs me…always.

So I finally made it out of the house and found I had forty-five minutes to get some writing done. Did I mention that I’m getting a lot better at avoiding procrastination? I know that contradicts with my statement about how long it took me to leave the house, but that’s a different issue. Really. I think.

I used to think that it was hard to keep up with blogging before I became the goddess of all that is holy in the life of a little boy; before the consciousness, sustenance, and very survival of a living human being rested entirely upon my shoulders. Turns out it was not so bad then. Even so, I was always struggling to keep my posts short. I tend to be long-winded for the literary form of the web.

It wasn’t too much of a problem in the past. I just took my time writing a post, cursed myself for taking half the day for one entry, and secretly applauded myself for writing full articles and having high standards. Now, I just can’t keep up. If I want to continue to write, I have to make progress during naptime (even during the ever-irritating twenty minute naps) or while Sidd plays independently for a moment.

Enter microblogging! I’ve decided that my concise bursts of observation and opinion that I often post on Twitter or Facebook are worthy of my blogging audience as well. Heck, maybe I’ll end up elaborating on them now and again. In fact, I most certainly will. (Look at how I turn a post on MICROblogging into a MACRO-post.)

Let’s start at birth:

Although almost nothing went according to plan, we did get our prize at the end. We got ourselves a 7lb 2 oz gorgeous baby Siddhartha! Seriously, super cute.
May 30 at 6:51am

Katie Bonn is typing with one hand ’cause there’s a kid sucking on her finger.
May 31 at 5:19pm

Katie Bonn is feeling a little better after talking with social worker, lactation consultant, & walking & showering. Excited to see baby again after his time in nursery.
June 1 at 2:34pm
[Guess I skipped over the “I feel so awful I can’t get out of bed and have to send the kid to the nursery because I feel like I can’t take care of him” part. I must not have felt like updating at that point. I can’t imagine why.]

Finally feeling better! Baby is back and I cried more than he did to see him again. Breastfed and then pumped 11ml! I think milk is starting to come in!
June 1 at 4:23pm
[Wow, I used to think 11ml was a lot. That delay in milk production has got to be the ultimate in frustration for mothers everywhere during those first few days.]

Katie Bonn is getting through this, but still wondering how people ever manage to do it more than once.
June 3 at 4:42am
[And still wondering yet.]

It’s thought-provoking to read these again and to see them all together. There are plenty more to come.

What do you find that you have to cut back on in order to do everything you need or want? Got any tips to help me speed up my writing?


4 thoughts on “Microblogging From Birth

  1. Great post, Kt! I have to cut back on (my insane amount) my sleep to get things done…also on the time in which I just lay around with the cats or sit around thinking…

  2. Also, I LOVE the picture of Sidd and the fact that it’s apparently called “Listen, Bear” by you!! 🙂 Totally made me smile!

  3. i now pretend i don’t see dust bunnies in every corner of the house, getting over the urge to sweep up my rapidly breeding bunnies has given me the peace of mind to take naps whenever i can sneak them in, it’s such a guilty pleasure!!

  4. You might be on to something…I wonder if microblogging (done with enough frequency) could end up painting a more complete picture over time than occasional long blogs? The calculus of blogging, heehee.

    I’m learning how to do a similar thing (tackle a ton of reading/writing in micro-chunks of time) with my schoolwork. My preference would be to set aside several hours, create the perfect studying atmosphere, and burrow into my homework until it’s done. This year doesn’t allow me to work that way, though, and I’m actually enjoying the process of discovering that I can be productive in a different way.

    Finally, that is a ridiculously adorable picture. All Sidd pics are cute, but this one seems highly captionable, as well 🙂

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